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Detailed basketball machine

 Basketball machine as the name suggests is related to basketball, when basketball is popular, in order to allow more people to experience the fun of basketball, basketball machine was born.

The earliest invention of basketball machine is in the United States, the basketball hot and basketball machine is simple, easy to operate, healthy entertainment and so on, as well as its independent circuit board and game performance, is valued by many operators, at Surrendered video game market, over the years has been enduring.
Basketball machine, also known as shooting machine or street basketball machine, then the prosperous basketball machine is placed in the street for everyone to play. After the player has started the coin-launching game, one player has appeared in front of the player to shoot the player, allowing the player to quickly put one after another into the basket. When the stipulated time is over, stop providing basketball to the player. At this time accumulated the number of shots in the basket, draw the game results.
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